Sunday, March 6, 2011

Marrakech in the Media: Movie clip

Here is the Marrakech scene from the famous Alfred Hitchcock film "The Man Who Knew Too Much" with Jim Stewart and Doris Day. This is the only version I could find, dubbed in French. Despite Doris Day speaking in French and her sounding more like a Gallic marquise than the girl next door, the integrity of the sights and sounds are kept to the original, The only scene that looks "staged" is the bus coming out of Bab Al Ksour - giving the impression that they are going into Djemma El Fna. If you know Marrakech, this Bab or Gate (Bab Al-Kasbah) is actually quite a distance from the square. Amusingly the bus is actually going out of the medina, not in it as the film wants you to believe. What surprises me the most about this scene is that the shots of Marrakech show the side of Djemma El Fna that has not changed. It remains as animated today as it was depicted in this old movie!

The story tellers and the music are still all there to enjoy in Marrakech's most exciting spot!

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